Using St John's

St John’s was altered to make it more usable and we welcome anyone who would like to use it for any purpose that is in keeping. There is no charge but we welcome donations to cover heating and lighting costs. Activities that have taken place in church include concerts, children’s activity days, craft groups, coffee mornings and afternoon teas, village meetings, local history society events, quiet days and village school events. Other churches have found it ideal to be able to hold meetings in a familiar setting but without the usual local distractions.

The church is connected to B4RN the world’s fastest rural broadband service which has speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, making it possible to stream events worldwide. There is a full sound system which can be accessed wirelessly. A large screen makes it easy to hold presentations or display video material.
There is a fully equipped disabled toilet and ramps are available for easy access into the church.

There is a well-equipped brew area which has been used for everything from teas and coffees to breakfasts and pancake lunches.