Church History

St Oswald and George Washington

Warton Church is dedicated to Oswald, warrior king and one of England's favorite saints before the Norman Conquest. He was born about the year 605 A.D., at a time when the English nation was a loose confederation of often warring tribes. He died in battle and his vanquisher, King Penda, caused his body to be savagely dismembered. The head, arms and hands were severed and fixed on a stake, probably the "tree" that survives in the place named Oswestry (Oswald's Tree). His death was seen as martyrdom and the barbaric treatment of his remains would be linked in the mind of Christians at that time with the humiliation of the crucified Christ less than 700 years earlier.

Warton Church also has an historical link to the George Washington family and receives many visitors from the UK and oversees to explore the connection.