Supporting our churches financially

Each of our three churches is committed to the mission and ministry of God’s Church, offering worship and prayer and reaching out to our communities to share the love of God with all.

To do everything we do, we rely entirely on the money we generate ourselves. We get no assistance from the wider Church.  We are grateful for the generous giving of many people from our communities and further afield.

Please consider how you can support the work of God’s Church in this Benefice.

What should I give?

Although the church is reluctant to lay down hard and fast rules about giving, all of us can do with some advice in this area. Otherwise some people feel guilty that they don’t give enough while others simply reach for loose change whenever they hear the word ‘collection’.

So how much should we give? The most important point is to give cheerfully and generously as you are able.  Giving can transform the world – our lives as well as the lives of others, our community and beyond. The Church of England suggests that church members aim to give at least 5% of net income to their local church and 5% to other charities they wish to support.

How can I give?

Single donation

You can make a single donation online in support of our churches by going to our Give A Little page.  Alternatively you can send a cheque to the address given on the relevant form: St Oswald’sSt Mary’s;

Planned giving – Standing Order

Planned giving by standing order is one of the principal ways of supporting the Church financially and it is the most effective way to give to the Church. You simply commit to give a regular amount direct from your bank account.

It can be easily set up, amended and cancelled. The benefits to you are that you show your commitment to the Church here; you do so even when you are not at a service, and you do not have to suddenly find loose change when the collection bag comes around. The benefits for the parish are that we know the money is pledged and we can budget ahead accordingly.

You can set up a standing order to support any one of our three churches.

If you bank online you can set up the standing order directly and it will start immediately; please use your surname in the description of the payment.  The relevant account details are as follows:

St Oswald’s: account name: PCC of Warton; sort code 01-01-60; account number 75562405

St Mary’s: account name: PCC WTN ST MARYS; sort code 08-92-99; account number 67198641

St John’s: account name: St John’s Church, Yealand PCC; sort code 01-01-60; account number 75568616

Alternatively, you can download a form, complete it at home and send it as directed.  The relevant forms are: St Oswald’s; St John’s; St Mary’s

Planned giving – Weekly envelopes  

If you prefer, you can have a special set of envelopes, which have the dates of every Sunday on them. You just put your weekly gift in the dated envelope and bring it to church yourself or ask someone to bring it on your behalf.